Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

07 Beach Photos That Will Make You Cringe


How excited are you about heading to the beach this year for your luxury seaside vacation? We’ve got a few snippets of advice for you, and judging by these 29 beach photos, they’re not advice everyone knows about …

Luxury Hotel Suites Please

Only the very best for you and your gal-pals – make sure you shop around online to get the best price for luxury hotel suites. You don’t want to pay over the odds.



Flight And Hotel Deals Trick

If you want to get cheap hotels and flights, stay awake. The best prices tend to be in the very early hours of the morning – set yourself a 1/2am alarm.


Beachfront Property Deals

Instead of booking a hotel suite, look at villas for your beachfront property deals. That’s a cheeky tip we learned from our travel agent friends by the way.



Ocean-View Hotel Suites (Ish)

Make sure you book a great view. You don’t want to expect ocean-view hotel suites and get something … well, not really that ocean-view at all.



Random All Inclusive Resorts

Always do your research before you book your cheap hotel deals. You don’t want to book some random all inclusive resort only to find out it’s miles from the beach.


Shall We Book Vacation Packages?

These packages are a great idea but there’s nothing more exciting than looking for separate cheap flights and hotels. You may end up finding a little hidden treasure.



Five Star Resort And Hotel Blues

Remember to ask your friends to take plenty of snaps of you while you’re enjoying your five star resort and hotel. You can look over those snaps and cure your post-vacay blues.





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