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10 Professional Wrestlers Who Have Allegedly Killed People


No one requires an introduction to the world of wrestling and the wrestlers who perform in it. There have been many tall brooding personalities in the sport and they fight to their most to win. There take place many injuries in the ring and sometimes deaths too. Also, it isn’t easy to keep up cool behaviour with people outside the ring for a wrestler. Here are some of the wrestlers who’ve been alleged to kill people.


1. The Great Khali




The Great Khali has been great with strength and in WWE, he was not known to kill anyone but, while training, he was working with Brian Ong and where Ong received a flapjack from Khali and Ong went unconscious. The staff of APW asked him to continue and then again, he went unconscious which proved to be fatal.

2. Jimmy Snuka


Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka who has also been the WWE Hall of Famer, was found to be guilty of murdering her girlfriend, Nancy Argentino and has been charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

3. Ox Baker


The wrestler much famous for his facial hairstyle has killed two superstars with his finishing move, the Heart Punch. In 1971 when he was in a match and he used his finisher against Alberto Torres and he died 3 days later and it is believed that he died because of the finisher only And in 1972, he hit Ray Gunkel with his “Heart punch” and he died. It’s believed to be the same cause.

4. Chris Benoit


Chris Benoit’s double murder and suicide in 2007 was way too viral as it was scenic. Benoit murdered his wife on Friday and his son on Saturday and finally himself on Sunday.


5. Scott hall


Before becoming a Pro wrestler, He used to work as a bouncer at a nightclub. Scott got involved in a fight and for self-defense, Hall shot and killed the man in the parking lot. He was originally charged with second-degree murder but then it was dropped due to the lack of evidence and an agreement as well.

6. New Jack


The wrestler was known to be the most aggressive pro wrestler. He was asked by Mass Transit that if he could make him bleed and he did the same by taking a scalpel to Mass Transit’s head. Mass got 50 stitches from the cut and both Jack and Mass were dismissed off ECW. Mass passed away of problems with gastric bypass surgery but his family tells that it was due to Jack’s incident.

7. Verne Gagne


He got into a dispute with someone who lived with him and he knocked him down and slammed the body into the ground.

8. Jose Gonzalez


Wrestler Tony Atlas said he saw Jose with a knife and he had hit Brody in the stomach. Brody lost much of the blood and recovery went uneasy. Reports say that Brody had Jose bullied on multiple occasions. Gonzalez was charged with First degree murder and was acquitted in 1989 with jury saying that it was an act for Self Defence.

9. Brian Mcghee



He’s not much known for his Pro wrestling career but is known for the murder he committed. He stabbed his girlfriend Bianca McGaughey in the torso, at her apartment and fled. He was caught by the police after a speedy police car chase.

10. Akitoshi Saito


The wrestler performed a backdrop on Misawa which resulted in a spinal injury. Miswa died in the hospital at night. It was not Saito’s fault because he didn’t know it when, Misawa was dealing with a very serious neck injury.

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