Published On: Sat, Feb 20th, 2016

10 Remedies for your acne


Summer is the seasons in which you have more severe skin issues but most particularly acne. It looks like ugly on your face along with pain. It is difficult to prevent it from enhancing and it is also a reason for reducing your confidence in public.

But here are some suggestions with which you can nip it in the bud and try to take the remedies with applying for medicines on your pimples instead of bursting them.

1. Always try to keep your face clean and eliminate your makeup correctly. You can also apply a salicylic face wash.

2. When you go home later than spending the whole day the clean your face.

3. Cleansing is good but avoids scrubbing because over washing and scrubbing can be a reason for skin irritation.

4. Try to avoid touching your face frequently or don’t lean on any surface. Here the face can get infected with bacteria.

5. Always go with brand makeup or use that make-up which is the label’non Comedogenic’

6. Try to keep away from the Sun. It can boost the option of an acne outbreak.

7. Try to apply anti-acne masks one time a week.

8. Acne happens because of hormonal imbalance, so your dermatologist might ask you to get your hormones tested.

9. Dandruff can be the major reason for acne on forehead or back. So it is vital to apply an anti-dandruff shampoo recommended by your dermatologist.

10. Keep away from putting on a tight body hugging clothes if you have acne on the body.


Try these suggestions but if doesn’t help then consult your dermatologist he can give you with the best remedy. Consult him or her if you feel the outbreak of acne is out of control or if there is a deeper problem.

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