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10 Rising trends in FPW



In Pakistani culture there are many social circuits and each one has its own identity and tradition. Winter season is much famous for parties and weddings. Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 Winter festive covered all angles with its collection including wedding and party.

Pursuing the drift of fashion in winter is much difficult than the summer but our trend setters met this challenge with courage and gave the supper chic look to the audience.

Here are ten super-chic trends presented from FPW 2015.

1) Velvet

Velvet is typical winter fabric and people wear it without any cut or chic. It has never been more fashionable. This time velvet was over seen all over the ramp in a countless of forms including dhoti shalwars, capes, skirts and even as the lining to dupattas. The colors were affluent and profound and duo with gold enunciation for utmost blow.

2) Shalwars

In the contemporary fashion era shalwar is on the top and it was in the ascendant all year, now is determinedly on the trend radar for the time being. We have seen from westernized pants to shalwars by the northern chic with a broad paincha on the event of fashion week with manifold personifications of the modest shalloo.

Manifestly, olive, black and gold also prevailed the ramp.

3) Dhoti shalwars

There were a verity of the shalwars, from the dhoti shalwar to the wide paincha and normal shalwar , with the likes of Shehla Chatoor and Nida Azwer employing it for ultramodern bridal looks.

Evidently, it’s not for the cowardly.

FnkAsia, on the other side, goes all out

4) Capes

These were seen much and all over the runway and they were almost certainly nearing the end of their moment in the sun, but yet fashion for the time being. The event watched a diversity of avatars together with profligate ornate ones from Nilofer Shahid and complicated fauna-embroidered conceptions by Elan. Fasten to emaciated or boot-cut subordinates for a flattering upshot.

It was not rather set to utter bye just yet

5) Off the shoulder tops

It’s a worldwide drift that had most important impression at FPW, predominantly for nuptials. Sleeveless and naked shoulders provided a chic-forward rim to marriage show off by Nida Azwer, Shehla Chatoor and Tena Durrani amid others. Valiant cold shoulders gave this winter for eventual, progressive chic.

The great part of this drift is that no one has to feel conscious regarding shoulders because there is no “ideal” shoulder.

6) Lined dupattas

This nuptial drift gives drama and color to marriage collections. The event of FPW saw dupattas lined with compared with velvet or brocade in different colors, giving the further facet of quality.

Create a declaration with a striking dupatta this nuptial spell.

Join gym before carrying these duppatas because these are more weighted with embroidery and you need some practice and workout to carry them.

7) Can-cans

This event is only to get your innere beauty out whether you are in gown or lehnga. You may end up needing a coach to get to the wedding or ball but no more floppy lenghas or baggy outfits. Unless your dress is glossy and integral, nothing beats the fall and movement of a can-can.

8) Statement belts

Belts also prevailed on the event and dresses were belt up on formal outfits with a bejeweled band or wide waist cincher. Elan, Faraz Manan, Ayesha Farook Hashwani and Nilofer Shahid organized the drift in varied ways.

Sana Safinaz was gigantic on belts this year. Style up your duppatta with belt and add a stylish bend to customary nuptials wear.

9) Culottes

It is not the simplest silhouette to take off but absolutely a growing drift. Used in the ensembles of Maheen Karim, Wardha Saleem, Gulabo and others, the key seems to be to couple culottes with short, structured tops. As far as culottes are concerned, it’s time to crop it like it’s hot.

10) Bootcut pants

Bootcut pants are sexy and gratifying. Watch in, for the most part, western lines, for example, Maheen Karim’s and mixtures collections, bootcuts get longer those pins and are the ideal counterpoint to short tunics and jackets.


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