Published On: Wed, Dec 2nd, 2015

10 Types of couples present in the society



Everyone wants a perfect one and search for the person is the greatest feeling in the world. It gives a feeling like security, better-off, and provides you a motivation to live.

Now a day people take relationships for granted and a lot of people are yet doing efforts to get in one. Whereas, we all may not have been in an idealistic connection, we have surely experimented how duos act when they are joint.

Here are few types of pairs we see in all societies

  1. The ‘Snapchat’ duo

Some couples are that who all time best buddies of their Snapchat are. Whatever they do like walking across the house, overcrowding to songs in the car or going for dinner, the whole thing requires to start on the app. The all other people and their companions are fad up of their soggy Snapchat tales.

  1. The ‘A’ team

They are like a team and always there for each other to support each other. They do everything for each other just like best friends. They are called the best soul mates and the best couple. The most excellent element regarding them is that they behave each other like friends

  1. The excessive PDA couple

PDA is their favorite to-do-together hobby. This duo loves the spotlight, and they don’t care who is watching.

  1. The inseparable high school lovers

There are some instances who are together since their childhood and still together like a strong bond. They have care for each other. They do approximately the whole thing jointly akin to they have been doing since they turned 14.

They are the true pair and regardless of the troubles and dissimilarities they look, they never go away from each other.

  1. The filmy couple

They like to be live and behave like the filmy couple. They love dramatic and idealistic life. They pretend all their behaviours for example date, fight or expressing love to each other all the gesture are dramatically grand. The only thing which is lacking there background music and slow motion scenes to become a complete drama. They write and sing songs for each other and make tattoos of each other’s names on their body.

  1. The ‘Jaanubaby’ couple

We also see a couple who always calls their partner with the factionary words like ‘jaanu‘, ‘jaan‘, ‘babe‘, ‘bae‘, ‘pumpkin‘ or another term of kind word expediently take the place of their lover’s name. It seems that they have forgotten the real name of their beloved. And it’s merely attractive till a specific point, later than that you actually begin to lose your cool.

  1. The ever-lasting honeymooners

This pair doesn’t familiar with the dissimilarity between a date and a group hangout. For them, they’re the only two people on the planet. They for all the time desire to remain in the ‘honeymoon phase’.

  1. Dictatorship

For them there is no importance of relationship they always rule like a dictator and does not listen to the other. They are always under their partners’ influence and don’t act anything without permission.

  1. The ‘complicated’ ones

They are on the confused phase and their relationship is much complex.

  1. The One and Only

This couple which is hard to find these days this is the type of love our grandparents used to tell us about that is absolute love.

They are not only best for each other but also the life of every party. Mutually, they’re funny, cute, loving and entertaining. All wants to spend time with them.


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