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10 ways to use makeup

10 ways to use makeup

Makeup is the way which is adapted to groom your personality and overcome the flaws.

Makeup is the way which is adapted to groom your personality and overcome the flaws.  For example extra shine on the face or no time to shape brows then you can take some steps by using makeup in a particular way to get rid of these problems. Groom yourself in no time by opting for these easy beauty fixes.

  1. Chapped lips

One desires to exfoliate the lips regularly particularly if they are dry. Lipsticks do not appear smooth on these kinds of lips. Rapidly exfoliate using a gentle rub at home or make your own scrub using honey and sugar crystals.

  1. Oily skin or too much shine

If you have oily skin then use a matte finish compact that typically appears with a powder puff. Dab on the face.

  1. Dry and dull face

If you have a dry and dull face then use a lipstick and add gloss to immediately enhance the glow of your face.

  1. Ungroomed brows

Use a brown eye pencil or a brown eye shadow with an angular brush to make your eyebrows seem broad and neat.

  1. Fading lipstick

Use forever a modest foundation or compact on lips prior to applying the lip color to formulate your lipstick stay longer.

  1. Too much foundation

Take a damp sponge and smoothly wipe onto your face especially beneath eyes, lip areas etc. to facilitate it combine in and eliminate the surplus.

  1. Too much eye shadow or bad blending

Take a feathery amalgamation brush to mitigate the boundaries of eye shadow. If there are strong lines, softly use your fingertips to make softer the edges prior to using the fluffy brush.

  1. Clumpy mascara

Employ a clean mascara stick to eliminate the overindulgence mascara. Use a modest twist movement with this brush, for non-water proof mascara you can vaguely soak the brush to formulate it come off easily.

  1. Creasing around under eyes and lip area

To accurate this, employ a damp sponge to hydrate the skin earliest and then using a powder puff add some compact to compose it resolve between the lines for a smoother look.

  1. Too much or patchy blush

Use the brush in the little spherical movement, not including any additional color to soft blend the blush, if it’s excessively dry use some moist sponge on the cheek parts to hydrate and then after waiting a few seconds, blend the blush for a smoother finish.


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