Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

10 Weirdly Awesome Things That Happen When You Marry Outside Your Caste, Religion Or State


In India, marriage is not a bond of two people. In fact, the marriage takes place between two families and their respective relatives. You will relate a lot of new things when you will marry in the different state, caste or religion.

Here are the some things you will relate to if you marry in another caste or religion.

1) You will get to the various cultures of the different religions.

You Marry Outside


Different caste follows different religions. So, you will get an opportunity to know them.

2) You will get a lucky chance to marry twice with different rituals and different costumes.

You Marry Outside1


You can marry according to the two different traditions. Isn’t that amazing?

3) Science proved that if you marry in different caste or religion your child tends to be smarter and more intelligent than marrying someone in the same caste.

You Marry Outside2


Yeah. Your children prove to be smarter.

4) You get to know the rituals of the entirely different religion.

 You Marry Outside4

And you will love to follow and perform all those rituals.

5) Now, it will be easy to learn to a different language.

You Marry Outside5


And if you want to gossip something about your husband/wife to your parents, then you can convey them in your language.

6) Your kids get more exposure to the two culture and they are comparable more friendly and adjustable than others.


Because they got the exposure of two entirely different religions. This help them to develop adjustable behaviour.

7) Now your kids won’t complain about the same boring place. You could take them to meet your in-laws.

Whenever they will get bored, then take them to your in-laws house. They will enjoy the two different cities.

8) You get to celebrate different festivals.


You tend to celebrate those festivals which were just holidays for you before your marriage.

9) You get to taste the variety of food in an another culture.


How can we miss the food?

10) You will be the perfect example for everyone because your love wins over the religion or caste barriers.


Couples will admire you because you fought back for your love and realised the power of your love.

There is no such thing as caste or religion. They are just caste barriers created by human beings. But love does not care about it. They are strong enough to fight the world and win each other.


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