Published On: Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

17 restaurants sealed in Isalamabd


Latest ISLAMABAD News: A complete strategy against unclean meals and circumstances in resorts and dining places got ongoing in the city on Wed and saw at least 17 top quality and well-known meals sites enclosed by the night. They were found in breach of rules regulating healthy, unadulterated meals, vaccination record and proper salaries to their employees, Associate Commissioner outdated leader Waqas Rashid said.

But the administrator of the well-known meal stores in the Red Place, Irshad Ahmed, stated that the raiding celebration provided no reason for closing the store. Savours owner Chaudhry Mohammad Naeem described the action as unjustified and said he would search for an explanation from the deputy commissioner on Friday. FIRs have been authorized against the 17 enclosed sites under the Penal Rule and the Genuine Food Regulation of 1960.

Some others among the dining places, confectionaries, and restaurants raided in the Anti-Adulteration Campaign were penalized a complete of Rs144,000, authorities said. Additional Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Abdul Sattar Isani monitored it with the support of the Punjab Food Division, as instructed by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan the past day. The 17 sites enclosed involved the cafe of the Best European Resort and the up-end cafe Chai Khana.

Some people accepted the strategy. But others had different concepts. Actually regular customers were as disappointed as the cafe managers against the strategy. It seemed the public revulsion created by the flaming scandal that various meats of deceased and passing away and haram creatures was being marketed and provided in the places of Punjab had not reduced their hunger for their favorite recipes at the meals sites. In reality, the customers signed up with a demonstration the employees and the Red Place trading group held outside the store.

The management hurried cops teams there to control the scenario. Traders Partnership formal Imran Bukhari criticized the raids and his mature co-workers confronted a shutter down strike if the meals store was not unsealed by Friday. A crazy scenario occurred when the employees provided the coming cops their recipes, but they rejected. We used to eat here but after seeing the pictures taken of the circumstances in the kitchen by the raiding celebration we could not take Savours offer, law enforcement


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