Published On: Tue, Oct 20th, 2015

18 Afghani policemen are missing.


Kabul: The resources tells us that 18 police officers of Afghanistan are missing and this happened in ‘Faryab’ province.

The chief of ‘Ghormach’ which is the district of Faryab,and the 17 other police officers are not to be seen since from Yesterday,when the Taliban seized the all area around.This was told by Sadiq Siddiqui ‘Spokesman’ of ministry of interior.

Qari Yousuf Ahmedi ‘Spokesman of Taliban’ had just told that the chief and his other police officers were got disappeared when they were badly injured and now the Taliban will not gonna change their statement about this matter.

Army have been sent there under the cordination of First vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum,there will be search operation act taken in that province, Sadiq said.

After reaching the site, the Dostum will analyze all of the situation and then make a report which will send to the President “Ashraf Ghani” and after that the same report will send to ‘National security Council (NSC), this statement was stated by Sultan family ,who is the spokesman of Abdul rashid Dostum.

Dostum gonna take act on the basis of Security and President Permission and the man who will lead this battle also have to get permit from them.

Dostum was expected to take this act by the help of army and police and, in fact, He is also offer’s his bodyguards for this operation which are 640.

Sadiq Siddiqui speaks about the security problems which are facing in Afghanistan and He also told that our security is already fighting with Taliban in different ‘Three’ Districts.

And when He asked to tell more about this matter, then He declined to tell anything more about ‘Security Issues’

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