Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2016

20-year-old woman auctions virginity online to pay for higher education


20-year-old woman auctions virginity online to pay for higher education

Ariana took to an escort site with bids starting at £130,500.

Russia: Various campaigns and charity initiatives have recently been putting up an effort to raise money for education, and then there have been those who have been going to another level for paying for higher studies, be it turning a porn star or the recent trend of finding sugar daddies to make it in a city like New York.

In a similar bid to pursue education abroad and make her dreams come true, a 20-year-old from Russia has put her virginity on auction for raising the required funds, and is making no secret of it since she is doing it online.

The woman named Ariana took to an escort website for losing her virginity to the highest bidder, with bids starting from £130,500. Ariana isn’t in this alone as her best friend Lolita is also auctioning her virginity in a similar manner.

It’s not like Ariana didn’t try other ways to finance her medical studies abroad, but given how high the fees, rent and other expenses are, she felt that this was the quickest way to raise a lot of money.

Although her parents are not yet aware of her decision, Ariana says she is an independent woman who has made her own choice, and is willing to explain it to them.

Ariana who wants to focus on studies by overcoming the financial hurdle says she has waited a long time to give her virginity to the right person and told Metro that, ‘Why should I lose my virginity to someone who could then break my heart later?’

In the past few years, several woman have auctioned their virginity for financing education among other reasons, with a Duke University student taking to porn in order to pay for her studies.

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