Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

25,000? It’s Rs 50,000 you need to cough up to watch Coldplay live


25,000 It's Rs 50,000 you need to cough up to watch Coldplay live

Initial tickets for the show, ranging from 5000-15000 INR were immediately sold out.

Mumbai: You’ll get to watch Coldplay live, they said. Who were they kidding?!

Minutes after Earlybird tickets for the humongously popular band went live on BookMyShow, eagerly awaiting fans were on virtually serpentine waiting lists.

An entire populace of millennials went berserk as tickets for as cheap (comparatively) as five thousand rupees became available. Initial reports had suggested that tickets were to start from a ludicrous 25,000 rupees, sending the internet into frenzy, with fans taking umbrage against the blatant inaccessibility for the average layman.

This was followed by official reports stating that the tickets would be available for free, in exchange for community service in association with the Global Citizen Festival, leading to an even zanier hysteria.

However, the short-timed euphoria surrounding free tickets was put to rest, as the tickets which went live exclusively on BookMyShow, at 12 PM on Thursday, immediately were sold out. Surprisingly enough, the rates that went as high as 35,000 and 50,000 were also selling with alarming momentum. The waiting lists, believe it or not, almost touched a ridiculous one lakh batedly breathing hearts.


BookMyShow, which currently holds exclusive selling rights to the tickets, also is charging a steep one grand extra, quoting it as ‘internet handling charges’. Strangely enough, BookMyShow, claims this is in exchange for facilitating easy transactions that otherwise might mean tedious melee for the customer, under normal circumstances. For something you have exclusive rights on? Makes you think.



While fans have been taking to twitter and other social networking portals to ramble and vent, the fact remains that Coldplay tickets will sell, irrespective of the subsequent outrage over its steep prices, as has been conspicuous today.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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