Published On: Sat, Aug 8th, 2015

280 Children Molested, 400 videos Surfaced in Country’s Biggest Child Abuse Scandal in Punjab


GANDA SINGH WALA/KASUR: The horrific details of the Pakistan’s biggest ever child abuse scandal that surfaced after the discovery of 400 video tapes in which 280 children molested.

Child-in-DarknessThis child abuse had been taking place since 2006 to the last year in village Ganda Singh Wala, Kasur district and majority of the children who were forced to have sex, aged under 15 including girls too.

The details of this shameful scandal revealed by Punjab’s leading Child Protection official after  police had a clash with parents of the victims who were protesting against the failure of the police and courts in prosecuting the gang behind this insanity last week.

It has been found that only six alleged abusers have been arrested uptill now from a gain of 25 young men led by two men aged around 40.

The video clips have been filmed on different places, like open fields, deserted houses, wash rooms and bedrooms.

These video tachild abuse 2pes had been used to blackmail the victims and their parents and thus million of rupees have been minted by these criminals.

Victims told that they had been injected in the spine or given dosage of drugs before been forced to have sex. Some of them also claimed that these people were working for porn sites operating from UK, USA and Europe as they were found chatting on Skype.

The child rights organizations have called for a federal inquiry into this matter and expressed that administration might be involved in this matter or influenced by political pressure.

Screenshot taken from The Nation's story

Screenshot taken from The Nation’s story


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