Published On: Tue, May 31st, 2016

3 Pakistani arrested in Germany for reported sex assaults



BERLIN, Germany – German police have arrested 3 Pakistani suspects as 18 women have reported becoming victims of sexual assaults at a music festival, authorities said on Tuesday, May 31.

The mostly young women said they were encircled and groped by groups of men on Saturday night in ways that recalled a spate of mob attacks at chaotic New Year’s festivities in Cologne.

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Police said they were investigating whether the perpetrators also robbed the women in the latest attacks at a four-day open air music festival in the western city of Darmstadt.

Initially 3 women had filed charges, leading to the arrests of the three men, Pakistani asylum seekers aged 28 to 31, and another 15 women have come forward since.

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Police said they were searching for another two or three men and said in a statement that “the women have reported that they appeared to be men from the South Asia region”.

The Cologne attacks – committed in a crowd of mostly Arabic and North African men – appalled Germany and sharpened public concern about the arrival of over one million mostly asylum seekers last year, most from the Middle East.

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In the inflamed debate, far-right groups railed against “sex jihadists” and “rapefugees.”

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