Published On: Wed, May 4th, 2016

3 Stunning points in Japan



Japan has something which makes it unique from all other destinations. From melting pot of culture to technology, Japan is a planet of disparities which is competently fastening everything of the past and the present jointly. The exclusive desserts traded all crossways the island state in minute alleys, elevated, flourishing bamboos of the Arashiyama Grove in Kyoto, splendid Mount Fuji, iconic Inari shrine extensive around amount, the mystical Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the speedy tempo bullet trains, Japan is residence to numerous wonders that amaze.

Tokyo Sky Tree

The impressive structure, also the famous building in the capital town of Japan, Tokyo Sky Tree situates 634 meters high, with the uppermost accessible floor at 450 meters. Constructed at a close space from Asakusa district, the giant broadcasting tower on the globe is not just the metropolis’s landmark but it also includes in the very privileged place for travelers visiting Japan. It is accomplished with two striking surveillance decks, at 350 meters and 450 meters. The sky tree also characterizes a cafe, restaurant and a spiraling passage within the properties.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Debatably the most excellent vantage spots in Tokyo, the surveillance decks here suggest panoramic views of the metropolis, where one can stare at the metropolis’s towering skyscrapers and the innumerable colors of the horizon. Endeavor to go in the late hours of the day to have picturesque views during sundown. Tickets can be bought at the ground floor, at the entry.

Sensō-ji (sensoji temple)

Another name is Asakusa Kannon Temple, the Sensoji Temple is a Buddhist temple situated in the Asakusa district, at the last part of Nakamise Street. It is Tokyo’s most old and very admired temple: a striking pagoda-like construction accomplished with it’s iconic frivolous (and expensive) titanium roof.


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