Published On: Sun, Mar 20th, 2016

30,600 people facing greatest test on March 22,2016 in Calgary Greenway


Politics in Calgary N.E is very unpredictable, it is not always based on party politics, it has lot to do with Region, Religion, and Creed.  Although Calgary Greenway constituency was held by Progressive Conservative MLA Mr. Manmeet Bhullar (RIP) who was very dedicated to his job along with his strong credentials made him very important part of PC party, Alberta and Politics.

All four major Alberta political Provincial parties trying to get this seat in legislator. Alberta Liberal party is represented by Mr. Khalil Karbani, NDP by Ms. Roop Rai , PC by Mr. Prabh Gill, and Wild Rose by Mr. Devinder Toor.

February 6, 2013 WEB STORY 2. Calgary Greenway

Map of Calgary area, N.E region is highly diverse with mainly Indians, Pakistanis and other ethnic groups dominant in the region.

No matter how strong credentials one possess, Calgary N.E politics is not all about the party and it’s loyalty,  it’s about where you come from, what is your religion, what language you speak, and what is your cast. Whether you are Hindu, Sikh or Muslim it all matters. Election time is party time in Calgary N.E it is a kind of celebration. Voters do not necessarily pick the candidate because of what party they come from, it is a candidate itself. Priorities are given to region, religion and cast.

Out of all candidates, Khalil Karbani and two independent candidates, Sukhi Rai and Abdulbalki Said Hussein lives in the riding. Khalil Karbani said if he is elected he

‘would push for the rule that people who do not live in riding would not be able to run.’

Traditionally voter turn out in bi-elections are always low and this election is no different. One can not bet on any candidate while there are some controversies and concerns of candidates, but again this is the part of public service. Therefore, on March 22, 2016, 30,600 registered voters for Calgary Greenway has a test to pass.

Let’s wait and see, good luck to all candidates for safe credible and clean election.

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