Published On: Sat, Apr 2nd, 2016

4 Beauty tasks in summer for working women



In this summer the rising temperature of the scorching sun can be a task for you. Here are some quick tips which can prevent the beauty woes that are frequent all through the summer season.

Jo Gaglani, a beauty expert has stated that “For most working women who have to be on their feet and still seem great, simple measures and homemade remedies will ensure that you keep the rising temperature at bay.”

Tan removal
The most protected way to keep away from tanning is to be away from the sun. Though, it is approximately impractical because you have to go outside. Thus, create a solid paste of baking soda with water and use it on the parts which are affected. Leave it up for some time then wash with lukewarm water.

Keep sweat off nape
To keep away your nape from sweating, you can spray a deodorant on the back of your neck. A lot of sweating at the nape can be a reason for fungal infection and affects your hair as well. Use some powder-based deo on your neck for almost 10 minutes prior to leaving the shelter.

Soak excess oil from scalp
did you observed that despite of washing your hair with shampoo in the morning, at the end of the day, your hair arrives sticky? It is due to the whole day, your scalp is sweating and the oil creates your tresses oily. If you want to avoid it then apply a dry shampoo in the night prior to going for sleep.
Treating sunburn
Dr Geeta Oberoi, who is the dermatologist, states that “a big frequent beauty mistake is the burning of skin because of heat, which sequentially can be a reason for red rashes. To avoid this to happen, make ice cubes employing aloe vera gel and use it on your face, neck and other influenced parts at night. It will help in reducing irritation and provides you coolness. You can also use refrigerated chamomile tea bags on skin to reduce irritation.



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