Published On: Sat, Jul 16th, 2016

4 Beauty tips for this wedding season



Just one week has left in your wedding and has no time for intricate rituals; we have a few rapid remedies to make you blush on your big day.

Monsoon is that time of the year, where no matter how much you have been taking care of your skin, it will still get oily and make your face gaze dull. Whether you take several facial treatments but at the end you must need some homemade remedies to fix the oily problems and look bright.
Along with this, you also need a strict diet regimen which will take care of your skin and hair during this time of the year. Fresh fruit juices, green leafy vegetables and lean protein, with healthy and wholesome food will help to give the inner glow.

Here are some tips to follow:

Tan removal

Although it’s cloudy much of the time, the sun still holds to harm your skin all through this season. Prior to go outside of the house, ensure that you are applying an SPF 30++ and continue re-applying the similar all through the day. You can apply a mixture of besan (gram flour) together with lemon and rose petals on your skin all through the evening and then clean it with a cotton wet in cold water. Comprehensively massage your face with dehydrated hands and then use a light-weight moisturizing lotion.

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Keeping acne at bay

A lot of sweat or contact to moisture can be a reason for pimples. You wouldn’t desire to be snapped with those spots on your D-day. Ensure to use a paste of aloe vera together with cucumber juice on your skin two times a day. This will remain the infection far and will as well make your face shinning in only two days!

Soak excess oil from your scalp

Are you noticing that despite washing your hair with shampoo in the morning, by the end of the day your hair becomes sticky? This is for the reason that all through the day your scalp has been sweating and the oil creates your locks oily. To avoid it, apply a dry shampoo at night immediately prior to going off to bed. It will spritz your roots and will assist in soaking up the oil.

Treating sunburn


The skin is the nastiest affected all through this season. A dermatologist states that “One of the most common beauty blunders is the burning of the skin because of heat which thus reason for red rashes. To stop it, make ice cubes employing aloe vera gel and use it on your face, neck and other affected parts at night. Aloe vera assists in any skin irritation whereas the coolness from the ice will lessen the burning.”



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