Published On: Sat, Feb 27th, 2016

4 Benefits of oiling hair


In this modern era, most of us don’t want to take and avoid the special weekend ‘champi’ or the more prominently known maalish. We also have forgotten the goodness of oiling hair frequently. Whereas a lot of us maybe have no idea that frequently oiling hair is very advantageous in the long run. From covering your hair from getting gray unanimously to combating fungal and dandruff, regular oiling of hair has numerous advantages.

Fights premature graying of hair
Most of the people suffer from this tension of having premature gray hairs but it is considered that regular practice of oil can stop premature and gray of hair. In addition, regular practice of oil also makes your hair, strong and healthy.

It protects hair from pollution
A lot of people don’t know that regularly using oil on our hair can also assist it against pollution. Whereas we can wash our face each time, washing our hair on a daily basis is not good. In its place oiling, it frequently can be helpful because a defensive layer for the hair, defending it from a variety of environmental assaults, for example, dirt, dust, pollution, ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Prevents dryness of the hair
Whereas daily hair bath is not a terrible choice to keep your hair liberated of dryness and supple, daily use of oil will make it nourished for a long time. In addition, oil works like a coolant and it would avoid your hair from cruel heating situations. If your hair is tremendously dry, you can only use oil to your hair and then saturate a towel with hot water and cover it with your head. This would ensure that oil goes through enough into the scalp.
Smoothens hair
The best way to make the hair smooth is by applying oil them every day, or as a minimum frequently. Using oil on your hair amplifies the blood circulation in the scalp and therefore, repairing of broken hair. This will keep your hair gaze smoother and shinier.

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