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4 Best Kashmir culinary


A customary Wazwan or a Kashmiri feast is thought to have as numerous as 36 gracefulness. Abounding with condiments, Kashmiri cuisine is powerfully persuaded by its site and fresh spices which are produced here. Srinagar is spotted with restaurants, however, you need a little of steering to make sure that you go to the accurate areas.



Wazwan interprets to signify a complicated extend of 36 dishes, and is normally eaten by Kashmiris on particular events. Hours leave into arranging the food, and the meats are crushed till they are at their pliable and tender best. It is difficult to envisage anyone eating this over one time or two times a year; that is how grave and enjoyable it is. Containing diverse courses, the meal is in conclusion curved of with phirni for dessert and a hot scorching cup of kahwa to assist you to digest it all. Food Gali at Lal Chowk and Shamyana Restaurant are the best for this in the metropolis.

Rogan Josh


The best order for this mutton dish is at a restaurant in Kashmir. Welling up with spices and oil, it is attraction each inch on the waist. It is best eaten with rice or a hot naan.

Shab Degh


One more must-eat whereas you are in the valley is this spicy gracefulness of milled lamb and turnip. The lamb meat is fresh and juicy and combines astonishingly well with the turnip. Eat with it with a hot roti.

Kashmiri breads    


All bakeries in Srinagar open in the beginning of the day, so they are the ideal breakfast place. There are a number of good ones in the Lal Chowk and Dalgate place, only select one and inquire for these local specialties: tsot (an encircling loaf of bread crowned with poppy and sesame seeds), sheermal (their version of puff pastry), and kulchas which are appetizing and enormously filling. Eat these with a cup of pure (salted tea). In addition, Hollywood Bakery on Residency road is well-known for its plum cake.

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