Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2016

4 Best Night train journeys in Europe



Europe is a very beautiful continent and you can enjoy night trains there. Though, as stunning as European countries are, they as well perform everything they can to put a hole in your pocket and using some hours in the dark, travelling from one place to another doesn’t appear as a bad idea. Furthermore, if considered upon almost, how much splendor can one probably use when each single view is breathtaking? Night trains are very contented, economical and as well fund you a bonus day to locate your destination. Overnight journeys in these trains are often unbelievable experiences in themselves.

Berlin to Zurich

The good must forever be saved for the end and if you are travelling from the German capital to Switzerland’s much vigorous metropolis, the experience must be deluxe. The City Night Line sleeper train is very well known train linking the two metropolises and it takes approximately seven pleasing hours to get to Zurich.

Naples to La Spezia

Trains in Italy are very similar to those in subcontinent. They are packed and can sometimes be grimy but they depart you with the contented memories probable. Travelling from the vibrant metropolis of Naples to La Spezia, the entry to the five Cinque Terre villages is a pushover, consideration of the overnight train linking the two.

Paris to Venice      

Jumping on to the Thello Sleeper Train is very similar to flying on a magic carpet, or vanishing and emerging a la the world of Harry Potter. You will, in the end, offer farewell to the much romantic metropolis in the globe just to wake up in yet another metropolis of love.

Trondheim to Bodo                   

The majority of travelers would for sure assert that the Nordland Line, linking Norway’s original capital Trondheim and the lesser-known northern metropolis of Bodo, is maybe the much attractive of the entire rail journeys.

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