Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

4 Causes behind your teeth pain


It is true that there is nothing as devastating as a toothache. There can be so many reasons for this which you should know before consulting a dentist.

You brush too hard

Putting a lot of pressure or brushing much cruelly can pave the way towards many problems and can vanish your million watt smile. Ira Handschuh, who is a dentist at the Dental Design Centre in White Plains, New York, states that “Doing this wears away at the actual tooth structure and causes the recession of gums that normally covers the root of the tooth,” when your roots are exposed you can have extreme sensitivity to eating and drinking cold items.

You’ve experienced tooth trauma

Tooth trauma can be happened because of the incident which has accrued several years ago. Handschuh tells that “This can entail anything from falling and hitting the teeth, being in a car accident where there’s a direct force to the mouth or jaw, or even chewing on some type of food that traumatizes the tooth,” when tooth trauma arrives, the pain and sensitivity enhanced while chewing and it causes the tooth to flex and irritates the nerve endings within the tooth.

You have a severe sinus infection

Handschuh states that “Since the roots of particular teeth in fact sit right by the sinuses, the pressure from a sinus infection actually mirrors tooth pain, “rather than dental treatment, people should require medication similar to a decongestant and likely antibiotic prescribed by their family physician.”

You have a cracked tooth

It is much general than you consider, a split tooth maybe because of a lot of things, involving biting into something hard that can be a reason for fractured tooth (think ice or hard candy), a wound from somewhat external the mouth, for example, falling or an accident. Thompson states that “If there is a fracture, the tooth pain could be experienced when biting down, chewing, or even drinking something hot or cold,”

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