Published On: Thu, Nov 12th, 2015

4 heavenly powers of olive oil and leaf



Olive has been using since ancient times it was employed for remedial curing by ancient Egyptians, the olive leaf was once believed a sign of blissful power.

It carried on to employed by interchange health practitioners, who consider that the olive fruit, its leaves, and oil supplies the subsequent health reimbursement.

1- Avoid seasonal ailments:

Combining a teaspoon of compressed olive leaves in hot water and breathe in the steam from the combination for a small time two times a day can facilitate alleviate colds, painful throats, clogging and the harshness of asthma assaults.

For them who are susceptible to migraines, kneading a little warm olive oil on the temples and patting some drops on the eyelids assists calm down the nerves and gives instant release from the ache.

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2- Supports cardiovascular health:

Cardiologists are progressively more suggesting olive oil for cooking reasons for the public by a history of heart disease, as the oil’s elevated anti-oxidant content controls blood pressure and cholesterol ranks.

Consuming some drops early morning frequently purify the blood vessels, thus guaranteeing best blood delivery to the coronary blood vessel, whereas minimizing the jeopardy of increasing atherosclerosis in the course.


3- Maintains healthy hair:

Contemporary using of olive oil, or using a paste of smashed olives and lemon water on the scalp weekly minimizes hair fall and dandruff; split ends salons employ olive oil dealing to insert luster and decrease frizz for dehydrated and scratched hair, as well as for endorsing hair enlargement.

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4- Ensures glowing skin:

The soaked fats in olive leaf extorts are perfect moisturizers for oily and acne-prone skin; because of the extract’s cell restored characteristics, current usage on the face repair the skin’s softness and avoids wrinkles.

The latest study has stated that olive oil averts the growth of cruel melanoma (skin cancer); this is because of the defensive coating shaped by poly phenol amalgams in olive extracts when used as a minimum an hour earlier to contact to the sun.

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