Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2016

4 home design ideas for fitness


Everyone wants to be a healthy and slim but sometimes it’s difficult to get time to exercise because of a constantly hectic routine. Here we have compiled some quick home design ideas and simple organizational tips that can assist you to feel much stress-free and make fitter choices in return.

Clean countertops

A healthy kitchen counter is full of open space and there are no bags of chips, stacked nimco or visibly baked goods. All the other routine used things, for example, handbags, toys and other clutter are also not visible. Brian Wansink, a professor and researcher at Cornell University, states that a healthy kitchen counter may have some neatly organized cooking utensils, a blender for making healthy chutneys and smoothies, and a bowl of nuts or fruit. The professor also suggests that make the other area empty so that you can cook a healthy meal and have plenty space for working.

Make place for a fruit bowl

Some studies have suggested that when people make it a habit to have snack only after eating fruits then there are more chances to lose weight. So it is important to put the fruit bowl in front of the snack cabinet, shares Wansink. An orange is far better than chocolate fudge brownies, health wise. Wansink also recommends that put a fruit bowl near your car keys.

Maintain a clean, orderly refrigerator

The fans of fitness always try to clean the middle shelves of the refrigerator and fill them with solo serving containers of home-cooked vegetables or healthy foods, for example, lentil and grilled chicken. Always try to put hard-boiled eggs on the middle shelf of the fridge. Dr Wansink recommends that try to store sodas in the vegetable crisper which is generally in a lower, hard-to-reach spot.

Paint your kitchen anything — but white

A survey study recommends that approximately 75% of homeowners across the globe favor a soft and neutral kitchen. But Wansink has discovered that white and bright spaces tend to stimulate eating. Wansink further told that “The darker space, the longer you stick around and the more likely you are to break down and have another serving,” Wansink continued by adding that “Gold, green, blue, tan, earth tones — those are all good. Any colour seems to work other than white or cream.”

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