Published On: Tue, Mar 1st, 2016

4 Mascara mistakes that gives grisly look


Mascara has the ability to make your eyes more attractive and stunning by creating a huge, visible difference on your face. It can also make your gaze natural and subtle, if it is applied appropriately. It is a magic wand which open up the eyes by eradicating tiredness. Though, there are some rules to pursue for getting a good mascara gaze and if it go wrong then might end up with clumpy, spidery lashes with a grisly look.


Here are some general mascara mistakes that a lot of women commits.

My mascara smudges!
at the end of the day if you have raccoon eyes then one thing is clear that you have selected a wrong mascara. There is only need a trick to chose a waterproof mascara because it goes on for several hours. One thing keeps in mind that if you have waterproof mascara smudging then it is your too oily cream that you use on eyes. So avoid to use too much oily creams on eyes all through the day and select water-based creams below eyes.

It dries out too quickly

try to avoid stock up mascara that you barely apply. It will not dry early if you frequently apply the product. Try to purchase the mascara which is not much costly, but it should be of good quality and of a good brand. It is considered that mascara has a shelf-life of just three-four months, so it is better to replace it later than that time.
I don’t like the clumpy look

sometimes mascara wand doesn’t have the accurate brush spikes, then it can give a clumpy look. Select a spoolie brush with a curl pattern because it will assist to cover your lashes uniformly. When you take the wand out, ensure to snub the glut on a face tissue initial.

Can’t remove it well

If you are going with a waterproof formula because it is last longer, you should spend on a good quality eye make-up remover. Make it soft and shun pulling the lashes whereas you are using it.

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