Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

4 Mistakes you make with your sunscreen



Summer is going to approach and it illustrates that everyone’s going sunscreen crazy. Though, it is not sufficient to slather on sunscreen only when you are going outside. Here are a few general mistakes that people commit with their sunscreen.

Wearing old sunscreen
most of the time it happens that people don’t use sunscreen frequently and it keeps in their bag for a year or two. It is significant to ensure the expiry date prior to employing it and if it’s expired then throw it away. Throw it also if your sunscreen is kept in a hot place such as the glove section as heat can be a reason for active ingredients in it that can collapse and probably harm your skin.

Not using sunscreen often enough
it is compulsory to apply sunscreen throughout the year still during the monsoon and winter. The reason is that we are contacted to UV radiation and sunscreen has the ability to shield your skin against these radiations all the time. Try to reapply sunscreen after some hours as it gets absorbed by the skin, similar to moisturizer.

Relying on sunscreen in your makeup
Use the makeup products which has the sunscreen quality and if it is not then apply sunscreen over your makeup so that it provides your skin the top probable safety.


Not using sunscreen indoors
a lot of people haven’t idea that they are contacted to UV radiation still when they are not under the sun directly for example when they are in their cars or offices. They are even contacted to it when the car windows are rolled up, or when the office window is closed but the blinder less. Furthermore, the studies have showed that the fluorescent lights employed in offices can release UV radiation, thus it is very significant to use sunscreen.


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