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4 Places to visit in Pakistan’s southern Punjab


Ghanche District, Gilgit–Baltistan

 Gilgit-Baltistan’s Ghanche region situates approximately at distant with its stunning valleys and settlements inhabited by the majority welcoming locals and river irrigated lands. The middle site in the region is Khaplu, which is stunning scenery with elevated summits, smooth blue waters, and waterfalls.

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The people of this little settlement on the edge of River Shyok, are humid and adoring, as they were centuries previously.


Heading to a bit further from Khaplu, the wavy road gets one to the delta of River Shyok, where it divides up, pursuing by the great filled river plain. The climax of Mashabrum Mountain can also be witnessed in the backdrop.

Ranikot Fort


Ranikot, which has a perimeter of almost 26 km, is the major fort on the globe. Though, this has not been adequate to encourage the authorities to increase it as a foremost tourist magnetism.


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This fort is effortlessly available from Karachi via the National Highway. Subsequently leaving from Karachi, going to Dadu via on the Indus Highway. The road is in outstanding form. It is an hour-long voyage to San, the home of Sindhi nationalist, GM Syed. A bit advanced from the town there arrives a distraction. A rusty board claims that Ranikot is a few 30 km far. Albeit the road is in the dismal state, the aloofness can be enclosed in 30 to 40 minutes.



The princely state of Punjab boasts a cache of momentous edifices, monuments, and parks that numerous have never heard of. Bahawalpur – a metropolis situated along the left edge of the Sutlej River. Together with desert places, Bahawalpur is recognized as the land of thriving gardens that soothe your eyes whereas the magnificence places don’t despair to astonish you.


Gorak Hill


Snowfall in Sindh — looks much similar to dream but no, there is one spot in Sindh where it actually snows in winter, to the point that in 2008 the mountains got completely coated with a sheet of snow.

Gorakh is a picturesque plateau located at an elevation of above 5,688 feet and is part of the Kirthar Mountain Range that coats the complete Sindh’s boundary with Balochistan in the west.


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