Published On: Mon, Dec 14th, 2015

4 Reasons that compel to use Facebook



Facebook is much preferred social media. Every person, whether literate or illiterate, wants to have an account on facebook. Some studies revealed that although there are many other social media sites, for example, tweeter but people don’t want to log off facebook especially youngsters.

People have much influence by technology and they are converting to facebook if some had transferred to the other social media platforms.

The researchers of the studies stated that “In a lot of these cases, people came back to Facebook but changed their use, for instance, uninstalling the app from their phones, dropping their amount of friends or limiting the amount of time spent on the platform,”

The research group surveyed for more than 5,000 people and finding data was issued to contributors by Just, the Dutch creative agency.

An online campaign persuaded the participants to log off the facebook for 99 days and this all run by a site which also supplied the survey data to the participants.

These surveys were planned to measure every user’s frame of mind all through the Facebook detox.

Then the sampling data was shared with the Cornell research team.

The researchers highlight in a published paper that “People who go away from social media and then go back to it they are given the opportunity to understand better what’s at stake when people use — or don’t use — sites like Facebook,”

The researcher, Baumer, further added that “These results show just how difficult daily decisions about social media use can be,”

The research group ended with a conclusion that “Facebook also serves many significant social functions, in a few cases providing the merely means for certain groups to keep in touch. These results highlight the complexities involved in people’s ongoing decisions about how to use, or not use, social media,”


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