Published On: Thu, Jun 18th, 2015

4 Steps You Must Adopt To Build A Dynamic News Website


Since digital media in the form of news websites is becoming a fastest growing source of information, similarly the competition among these websites are also getting harder day by day, so in this case webs which based on Dynamic Web Design have an edge over the others and present the content in a relatively better way. This particular web design helps increasing the visitors engagement and their stay and at your website. However, it may take a longer time to get develop a dynamic news website but eventually its database store keep managing your content very well in the back end.

Follow these five steps to build A Dynamic News Web

1) Define The Basic Elements of GUI of Website

The dynamic design website basically operates on a server based technology like PHP, so first you shouls design the customized page for the visitors of your web that will remain the same on every click. This includes design and layout of logo, header footer space, static areas and navigation buttons ( the basic components of GUI). Segregate the areas of changeable content by the use of display parameters.

2) The Two Type of Scripting

Client Side and Server Side scripting combination is used in dynamic web design. The former scripting entertains the user’s action and searches that help in obtaining the proffered choice of user among the content. The Server side scripting helps user to got to a page via specific tag where the most recent story of the tag clicked is shown.

3) Content Handling

One of the most crucial thing in New Website is the content management and its division with varied tags. Timeliness and the currency of the stories on display matter and it should also be properly sectioned for the convenience of visitors and for a more attractive up-to-date look.

4) Homepage: The Master Gateway

Homepage of your web is actually the master gateway to other pages and a baseline so control it efficiently. It gives visitors a rough idea about the quality of your website as it is like first impression is the last, therefore exploit it maximum. The content and categories should be placed on it in a professional manner and you can also give ad, facebook promotion of your webpage and etc from it via splash screens.

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