Published On: Mon, Feb 29th, 2016

4 Things to know about Bachaana



Bachaana with the picturesque location of Mauritius with the leading cast by Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, and Adeel Hashmi has all the things which will compel you to watch this flick. There is no doubt that Nasir Khan’s directorial has all the elements that were needed for our film industry.

Sanam and Mohib create the magic by comedy, romance and thrill without overwhelming each other’s acting ability and it has made difficult for the audience to judge who was better than the one. It was a great debut by Sanam and Adeel Hashmi surprised us by his acting.

Here are some reasons before buying tickets of Bachaana that you need to know about the blockbuster:


  1. it’s not a typical story:

Bachaana is not a typical story and absolutely a sight to sore eyes. The movie is of an Indian Muslim girl Alia (Sanam) who takes the help of a Pakistani taxi driver, Waqas aka Vicky (Mohib), in order to go home back and it is not the sequel of Bollywood Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Alia wants to flee from her criminal husband Jahangir Rizvi aka J (Adeel). It is also not the boy-meets-girl story. They also fall in love later than the dramatic incident.

  1. it’s not your regular dose of slapstick comedy:

The comedy timing is perfect which is depicted by Sanam and Mohib. They have also put a dash of humor in intense situations.

  1. It tends to break Indo-Pak barriers:

It is a positive venture for both Pakistan and India. It inclines to break fixed notions by realizing each other’s common grounds. The filmmakers preserve decorum in Sanam’s character as an Indian girl and meanwhile demonstrate her respect for Pakistanis when she discovers more regarding Mohib’s character.

  1. It sets an example for girl power:

Bachaana challenges corny gender roles. Alia is not a damsel-in-distress reliant on Vicky to save her life. There is equality in every scene. She is intelligent and knows how to protect herself and has all the qualities which a modern-day girl should have.



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