Published On: Sat, Mar 19th, 2016

4 Uses of Mehndi



Henna, Mehndi or alkanet is a very useful natural product. It is a Eurasian plant of the borage family, typically having a hairy stem and blue flowers.

Henna can be an amazing thing, if you want evidence, here is that.

Cures baldness

Boil a few mustard oil in a little pan then put in a few henna leaves in it. Now boil it for some time when the nutrients in the leaves are combined with the oil. Strain the oil and then cool down it. Now use it on your scalp to stop balding.

Cures heat boils

Whereas summer is going to appear and heat boils are somewhat that are very ordinary amid a lot of men and women, because of sweating and the soaring heat. Boil some henna leaves in simple water and clean the infected part of the body when the water becomes lukewarm. It will assist to heal distressing heat boils and also leaves a gentle and calm effect.

Treats headaches

You can also use henna flowers; these are very helpful for various things. Soak a small number of henna leaves and flowers in vinegar for one hour and use it on the upper side of an elevated place and massage it carefully; it immediately lessens you of a headache and ensures you to feel refreshed.

Cures dandruff

If you have dandruff then chemical-based dandruff shampoos and creams, now use this natural component to eliminate dandruff. Combine some henna with fenugreek seeds and mustard oil to get the benefit. Now boil these components jointly and then strain it out. Use it on your scalp on a regular basis to assist in the elimination of dandruff.

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