Published On: Fri, Mar 4th, 2016

4 Ways to protect your heels



Feet are very important part of the body which plays a significant role in your personality. So it’s vital to take care for your feet too. Regular revelation with dirt, grime and sun can wreak your feet. Donning open sandals in this weather can cause cracks in your feet and can also be a reason for tanning.

Here are some tips how you can take care and heel them.

Wash your feet when you get back home and apply a moisturizing lotion
When you get into your home try to wash your feet immediately and after washing and drying them just apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream to shield them from getting cracked. Supplementary, the moisturizing cream will also heel the cracks that you have by now put on your feet.


Apply a layer of nourishing gel on your feet before you go off to bed
The people who have cracked heels, it is suggested them to apply a nourishing gel prior to the time when you are going for sleep at night. If you have apply the gel on your feet then wear socks to protect them from bacteria which are there in the air.


A pedicure in two weeks is a must
Pedicure is not just one treatment that can be enough to have only once in a month there are some other recommendations. If you previously have cracked feet then it is suggested to you to get a hydrating pedicure done as a minimum one time in every two weeks. A moisturizing pedicure with aloe vera or chocolate is very good for your feet.


Get hold of feet balm
you can get a lot of products that are accessible in the market with surety to keep your feet free from bacteria and dead skin cells. The one is a nourishing feet balm that guards your heels from getting cracked.

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