Published On: Sat, Mar 26th, 2016

4 Ways to keep your tresses long


Environment is much polluted with dirt and gasses which are attacking on your hair and skin both. If you want to keep those curls healthy, which is a very serious task then you have to do something seriously. We are here describing some of the ways that will come handy and are simple to pursue if you want to keep your long hair.

Stop blow-drying 

It is said to be the most significant cause for hair fall, blow-drying your wet hair is the nastiest you can do. It can be a cause of the utmost harm as it burns your hair ends and make them dry and rough. Actually, blow-dried hair magnetizes greatest static electricity and thus remains breaking when in get in touch with anything.

Cover your hair

Travelling can severely damage the quality of your hair because dust, dirt, sunlight and pollution are the nastiest foes of your hair; they harm your hair to the highest. Ensure that you cover your hair with a scarf each time you go out, as well ensure you comb it as a minimum two times or thrice a day to clean the dirt from your hair.
Oil your roots

Oiling is the best remedy making hair long, very long. Use coconut oil, almond oil or castor oil to massage your roots and scalp for their health. Oiling can appeals to life into your roots that strengthens the hair follicles and then assists them to grow elongated and healthy.
Go for frequent haircuts

Split ends are look very dirty and your nastiest enemies so the best way if you want to keep healthy locks then go for regular haircuts. Particularly to eliminate the dirty split ends that craft your hair rough, scaly and also exploit their growth significantly.

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