Published On: Tue, Dec 1st, 2015

4 Ways to protect your hair in winter



Winter is here and it can damage your hair. From tightly curled hair to trimmings, winter can make mess on your hair. Keep away your hair from hot water and use harmless chic techniques to let your hair remain healthy even when the temperature is low.

Here are some methods to avert dry hair in the winter season.

  1. Keep hair washing to a minimum.

No one can defined it exactly that how often one should clean their hair because it all up to on your hair form and styling preferences. But if you wash your hair regularly in winter it can reduce the natural oils concealed by your hair, departing them dry and flat to rupture. So ensure that you don’t wash your hair regularly. Also, it’s most excellent to employ goods that tame frizz.

  1. Conditioning is key

A lot of people have the problem of drying hair in the winter season. A high-quality conditioner is important that will keep the entire moisture into your hair and keep it fresh and nourished. A high-quality way is to not wash out your conditioner absolutely if you possess thick hair. The people who has less or fine hair they should leave a little bit of conditioner on their tips.

  1. Say no to hot water showers

In winter, people feel good and comfort with 30-minute-long hot shower but it can absolutely damaged your hair of all moisture. In its place, use lukewarm water to clean your hair and eliminate with cold water right at the end.

  1. Safe styling

Winter can already damage your hair so try to use all the things and procedures that are good for your hair and hassle-free. Employ a good shampoo that nourishes your hair and makes a defensive shield, permitting it to withstand probable harm because of heat styling instruments and repeated brushing. Go for baggy styles for example fishtail braids or a untidy roll that are winter-friendly and can be effortlessly made at home.


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