Published On: Sat, Dec 26th, 2015

5 Changes will happen with the eradication of sugar



Everyone likes sweets and sugar because it pleases your body and also provides instantaneous satisfaction. But did you ever think that if the sugar level reduces in your body then what can happen?

A recent research from the University of North Carolina revealed that the common person intakes 300 calories from supplementary sugar each day. One thing should keep in mind that the added sugar is the super-processed sweet substance that you insert by baked goods but not by the natural sugars which are found in complete fruit and vegetables.

It is suggested in an American Heart Association that the daily consumption of sugar for women is six teaspoons or less, roughly 25-100 calories. Nevertheless, the skirmish starts and gets worse when you quit or consume more sugary foods.

  1. it’s an addiction:

It is said that if you give up sugar consumption then the desires just get worse. As a result, your body will attempt to recompense for it and you would eat more carbs than usual.

  1. Withdrawal symptoms:

Sugar works same in your body as drugs, it keeps us captivated. It works like an addiction; our body needs sugar when it’s not in the bloodstream.

When it reduces you feel depression and anxiety when you don’t get your “fix”, you try to take other foods to attain the similar “sugar high”. A research by Victor Mangabeira in Physiology & Behavior revealed that abandonment also leads to more reckless behaviors.

  1. Memory:

A UCLA research study revealed that in taking many sugary foods can obstruct your memory and learning skills. The foods which have high sugar levels can make you forgetful by the passage of time as it reimbursement communication besides brain cells. If you reduce sugar from your diet then you feel an improvement in memory and your focus becomes improved.

  1. Sleep:

A study also revealed that if you overcome the sugar addiction then you sleep better. Usually, the crash after a sugar-induced high makes you sluggish during the day if you start your day with sugary foods. This, in turn, affects your nighttime rest.

You’ll find that your eradication of sugary stuff from your meal menu, will make you more alert throughout the day and you sleep better at night.

  1. Mood:

A research study revealed that the foods that have high sugar levels can anxiety, irritability and more mood swings. Once you get off that sugar train, you will no longer feel random bursts of anger or sadness, and will be happier and calmer.


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