Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2016

5 Facts that are not usually known about Amla


Amla or gooseberry is beneficial for our health but it doesn’t apply in the same way to all and sundry. It is not like apple which has the same effects on everyone’s health. It has not many worst effects but it can have bad effects which can cause discomfort. Some people can be surprised that what can possibly go wrong with this little wonder food, here are some facts that are not usually known.

Amla can make constipation worse


It is said that amla is used to heal constipation but if it is not eaten up in a controlled amount then it can be worse than imagination. It can be worse if you don’t use water in a huge amount.


Induce hyperacidity


Amla has a rich source of Vitamin C, which creates the fruit acidic in nature. It is recommended to use Amla when you are on an empty stomach to detoxify but this can prompt acidity. So try to keep away from it if you are sensitive to these kinds of foods.

Diabetics should use with caution


It is said that Amla is a good antidote for diabetes, but it can intrude with your diabetes medication, so consult your doctor before using it. It can reduce your sugar level in the blood directing to hypoglycemia when mixed with anti-diabetes medicines.


Consult your doctor if you have heart ailments –


Amla is suggested as a strong cardiovascular stimulant. Whereas it cannot have any grave insinuations, you are advised to consult your doctor prior to having this fruit for good health.


Can aggravate cold

Amla is recognized as a natural coolant and it can make your indications of cold worse. It is supposed to lesser body temperature to a huge amount. It can be employed in the form of Triphala by diluting it in hot water with honey. It will assist in keeping respiratory side effects of Amla powder at the cove.

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