Published On: Fri, Mar 11th, 2016

5 Famous cafes in Paris



The cafes in Paris are liked equally by locals and the visitors who come across. From Bread & Roses which is well-known for its pastries and homemade soups, and Claus famous as one of leading breakfast points in the city, to Colorova with its amiable furniture and delicious caramel quiche with peanut spekuloos; the Paris cafes are a testimony to the city’s vivacious food culture. In these coffee shops you will entice in with drifts of lusciousness and clasp you with their admirable and eclectic menus.



Télescope is the most recent café to lift up brewing a cup of coffee. You will have a tepid greet from the owners: Nicolas Clerc, a photographer twisted coffee aficionado who will gleefully negotiate the features of constructing the most impartial espresso in Paris, and David Flynn, ex- barista at La Cafeotheque

La Fourmi Ailee

La Fourmi Ailée’s menu is packed with French classics for example salt coated duck and fish soup, while, quite unconventionally, it has too much vegetarian choices. Though, the actual sketch here (ahead of the atmosphere) is the broad range of teas and cakes, and its well hot chocolate.

La Cafeotheque de Paris


The miscellaneous customers of La Caféothèque have one thing in common: a fondness for a grand brew. This melodious café, with evenly varied décor, has a moral loom to bringing in, roasting and taking coffee and the polyglot owner, Gloria Montenegro, is contented to share her cafe’s task.

Coutume Café

Similar to a cross amid a warehouse and a science lab, this sphere coffee house and roastery is at chances with the customary 7e, with its developed stylish vibe: stripped bulbs, stainless steel counters and stripped wall.

Bread and Roses

The people here are concerned regarding their baking. The environs are simple, but they have pastry-making to the height of artistry with their magnificent carved series of sweet bites and snacks.




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