Published On: Mon, Nov 9th, 2015

5 Fashion styles can be dangerous for you



Mostly people follow all the fashion trends which they see by celebs. Perusing fashion drifts has turned into progressively more vital over the years, with ladies going to all extent to attain the appearances they watch on ramps and in commercials. But a few fashion practices might, in fact, be getting additional harm than you anticipate. Here are five fashion practices that are damaging to your health.


  1. Wearing high heels

Someone who has carried lofty heels for some hours acquainted with the pain that accompanies them. Whereas that ache is not sufficient to prevent ladies from carrying these extremely fashionable shoes, this might be: Carrying high heels compels you to walk on the orb of your feet, getting your torso bend onward. And it does not only finish there. It also gives much of pressure on your back and over time your spinal discs squeeze. Sores and ache in toes, calves, hips and back also coil up because of protracted wear.

  1. Carrying a big bag

Whereas big bags are completely the rage yet, they are not getting your body any fine. The larger the bag the additional it is probably to weigh; and for the reason that ladies typically lift their bags on one side, this bumpy weight division reasons a lot of troubles such as muscle disparity and arrangement concerns. One shoulder may ultimately be elevated than the other for the reason that of the inequity, and as the trunk moves to compensate the irregular weight, your back may also undergo leading to back, neck and shoulder pains.



  1. Wearing heavy jewellery

Carrying profound jewellery, for example, earrings and bangles on a normal basis can also be damaging. Weighty earrings widen your piercings by dragging down your earlobes, and can aggravate a situation called an anterior head carriage. It also sources nuisance and neck pains. Weighty bangles source the same injury to your wrists – varying the coalition and frustrating the radial nerve.

  1. Wearing flip flops

Akin to heels, flip flops are also damaging if carried for unmitigated times for the reason that they don’t supply the foot the support it requires – particularly below the arch and heel. The ache in the lower back, heels, knees and the ball of the foot happens when you walk too a lot in flip flops. It also sources calf muscles to squeeze, shin supports and blisters.

  1. Wearing tight clothes

Doing effort to fit into garments that are lesser than your size or too stiff for you is actually injurious. Behaviors, for example, sucking in your stomach dispossess your cells of oxygen which confine blood current and sluggish down your metabolism – disturbing your attentiveness and presentation in anything you perform. It also signifies that you’re inhaling from your chest rather than your stomach and this reasons an invitation of troubles such as shoulder and neck anxiety, headaches, stomach aches, and still despair and nervousness. This arrives for footwear too – an ill-fitted shoe can everlastingly harm your bone structure. So, attempt to maximum or eradicate these practices. You don’t require to compromise your health in the name of fashion!

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Sidra Muntaha

- Sidra Tul Muntaha is a journalist (MA-Mass Communication and M.Phil in Mass Communication) based in Lahore. She is working as an editor at fashion, style and entertainment in the section of the Kooza. She writes fashion and entertainment articles for The Kooza News.

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