Published On: Thu, Oct 29th, 2015

5 Pakistani apps which will amuse you



Contemporary era is the technological era and the technology is advancing by each passing day. New innovations are introducing in the world and we are getting facilitated with these and also enjoying. Whereas browsing via mobile apps, we get across a few which truly spark a feeling of patriotism. Here’s a catalog of apps which will take you nearer to your country:

  1. Pakistani Soundboard:


Google’s Play Store has an app that will have you amused in fits of laughter. Pakistani is an album of sounds together with Imran Khan’s speech marks from his dharna to its most recent accumulation of Chand Nawab’s Karachi Sey Log. Test out the great collection of Amir Liaquat quotes it has to propose.

And if you want to play a practical joke on your buddy, why not put their ringtone to Inzamam’s speech marks or worse, Waqar Zaka’s offensive proverbs.

People appear to adore the app, it has acquired an optimistic answer from consumers and we have to give a round of applause the inspiration of the developer!

  1. Azadi Pro:


This app is for selfie lovers in meticulous who take pleasure in taking pictures and cutting pictures. Azadi Pro permits you to revise your pictures and add a nationalistic stroke.

You desire to demonstrate your affection for your country? Go ahead, download this app and upload descriptions on social media and put on show your affection for Pakistan. Bleed green!

Perhaps the mere thing that the app fail to spot out on is Kashmir in the full map of Pakistan for one of the edits, which one of the consumers miserably renowned.

  1. Pakistan Wallpapers:


Pakistan is attractive. This app has a compilation of dramatic attractions which you can put as your wallpaper.

Scenic descriptions of the Badshahi mosque and Northern places depart one out of breath. These will mainly absolutely create you get more in love with your state.

Let your pride shine through your phone’s display picture!

  1. Run Sheeda Run


Who have not love for games? Planned in 2014, Run Sheeda Run is a mirror-image of the well-known game Subway Surfer. Rushed through the streets of Lahore, Sheeda have to create his path by the masses without getting trapped by the police or shopkeepers.

Their newest Eid information incorporated sawaiyan for bonus points. The cool object regarding this game is the chicken the boy carries! Just when your chapals feel akin to they cannot handle the force and begins to burn your chicken flies you by the constricted streets. Phew! What a save.

Now that’s what you call a hardcore desi game.

  1. Angry Imran


If you love Angry Birds, you (read: PTI fans) will like the Pakistani description of the unique. Founded on political head Imran Khan, this game permits you to hurl Imran’s head (much like in Angry Birds) and lodge it on to wooden boards where heads of other Pakistani political leaders sit.

You can also play a description of Whack-A-Mol with the skull of political leaders — drumming them with bats for points prior they vanish in their holes.



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