Published On: Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

5 Places to visit in Srinagar in 24 hours




Kashmir, popularly known as the paradise on earth, has a history which dates to back 2000 years, and a culture that’s in the same way fascinating. Tourism is the main contributor to its economy, it is included in the much famous holiday places in the country, for both international and domestic tourists and rightly so. Through stunning snow-capped mountains, deep green valleys, vast lakes and embryonic gardens, one day in the valley requires being well-prepared.

Here are some tips and guidance on which you can enjoy your trip.

Gorge yourself on Kashmir bread

In Srinagar all the bakeries unlock early in the morning, thus, they are the ideal breakfast places for you. There are numerous high-quality ones in the Lal Chowk and Dalgate region, only choose one and inquire for their local specialties.

Take a leisurely shikara ride


The Dal is everlastingly grouping with shikaras, merrily colored rowboats, carrying tourists across the lake. While it might appear similar to the much touristy thing to do, this is one chestnut you desire to pursue.

Shop for antique silver jewelry


From ornamental jewelry to bigger adornment pieces, Srinagar is the good spot to shop for silverware. If you take pleasure in fumbling by piles in hunt of the ideal piece, you will adore the antique shops there.

Visit the Mughal gardens


By terraced lawns, flowing fountains, vivid flower beds, and panoramic sights of the vast Dal Lake, the three Mughal gardens of Chesmashahi, Nishat and Shalimar were built previously in the day for the enjoyment of the Mughal rulers. These are also perhaps the many well-maintained and a bit free gardens which you will locate wherever in the country. Plastics are forbidden and if you persist in getting any inside then you will be requisite to supply a refundable put at the entry.

Pay your respects at Hazratbal Dargah

This gorgeous alabaster-white mosque radiates a vibe of tranquility and attraction. It is included in the Srinagar’s very significant shrines; the Hazratbal Dargah is extremely respected by the Muslims and possesses one of the very significant relics.

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