Published On: Fri, Mar 4th, 2016

5 Reasons why Leonardo DiCaprio won Oscar



The Revenant has made in harsh conditions and cruel weather which has been many times described by Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Here are a few facts which led DiCaprio to win Oscar for The Revenant.

1. The cold:

DiCaprio explained in his speech at the Oscars that “We had to go to the southern tip of Argentina, to the southernmost town on the planet, to find snow.” He further continued as, “It was physically grueling for everybody. We had to have this massive crew go to far-off locations and move around all over the high altitudes, from Calgary to Vancouver,’’

The temperature reaches more than -30°C and sometimes above -40°C.

As DiCaprio recalled, “We were supposed to do a scene with my son as he’s praying for me. And it hit 40 below zero,” he further added, “At that point we couldn’t really open our eyes. And our fingers locked together and the camera gear locked together, and I just looked at Alejandro and said, ‘I’m all for enduring realism but there comes a point when nothing is operable.’”

2. Raw liver:

The character of the movie had to eat a raw bison liver which was determined to capture on screen but the fake liver was not doing the real job and DiCaprio bite the real one, as he stated, “It wasn’t bleeding the right way when I was biting into it,” DiCaprio recalled, “Alejandro threw me a real one. The bad part is the membrane around it. It’s like a balloon. When you bite into it, it bursts in your mouth.”

And many people don’t know that DiCaprio has been a vegetarian since 1992.

3. Phlegm:

DiCaprio was almost sick with flu while shooting the important scenes, as he confessed, “I got flu quite a few times,”

In a scene where DiCaprio’s character, Glass, was on stretcher and coughing out a disgusting stream of phlegm, it was really happened to the actor.

4. Elk skin and Frozen Rivers: 

DiCaprio shared about the hardest part of the shooting and it was, “getting in and out of frozen rivers because I had elk skin on and a bear fur that weighed about 100 pounds when it got wet.”

Each time he dove into the river, “the bearskin absorbed about 50 pounds of water, and then it immediately froze,”

5. Costume and make-up:

It was further reported that before start of the shooting, DiCaprio had to wake up at almost 3:00am to have the hairstyle and make up. To portray the wounds of Glass and deteriorating physical condition, DiCaprio had to be coated in 47 detach prosthetic pieces. Four to five hours were taken to have this makeup and two-hour drive to come to the movie’s remote site.



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