Published On: Thu, May 12th, 2016

5 Right ways for oiling



Oiling is a very good therapy for the healthy hairs but if it is applied properly. So there are some ways to deal with it.
Oiling is indeed important for healthy hair but can oiling also cause damage?
Oils possess vital fatty acids that assist in closing the cuticle and cure the strands from within. Usual hair oiling will perk up the tone and texture of your hair when dealt correctly and if it is not done correctly, hair oiling can really be a reason for hair fall. Extremely strong massage can make roots to weaken. Exaggerating the oil can be effective on extremely oily scalp. It can also block the pores of your scalp, which can be reason for folliculitis or boils. In addition, if you have dandruff on your scalp, oil will aggravate the problem. Lastly, a lot of oil can loosen the strands, making them limp gazing.

Hot oil massage or normal oil massage, which is effective and why?
Warm oil massage is probable much useful than cold as the heat Will boost the blood circulation to the part permitting the oil to soak up better. The strands will also absorb the oil properly as it is a recognized method of enhancing absorption. Oil must not be too hot to burn your scalp.

How many times one should oil his/her hair in a week and for how many hours?
1 to 2 times a week is best for oiling. It is good leave oil on your scalp for about one hour or two but you don’t require leaving it more than two hours. If you leave oil more than three hours there can be risk zits as oil will run down onto your skin.

Should the oiling routine for men and women be different?
The method of oiling for men and women are almost same. There is not much difference. The just thing is that men can require much oiling as they usually have course your hair than women.
Can oiling stop graying of hair?
There is no any evidence to stop graying. Though, that doesn’t illustrate that it’s not probable. A healthy hair routine goes a long way in perking up numerous hair ills.


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