Published On: Thu, Apr 14th, 2016

5 Shampooing mistakes that you make


woman shampooing hair

Shampooing the hairs is a daily routine but some of the people know that they commit a few mistakes while doing so

Here are some of the mistakes that you must be avoiding committing.

Selecting the wrong shampoo

Try to get that shampoo that is good according to your hair type. Find out what type of hair do you have like dry, oily, brittle, etc., and discuss with a hair stylist or trichologist, if essential, to discover what is beneficial for you. In addition, shun the shampoo-cum-conditioners, as though they can appear like great money-savers, it’s not likely for one product to shampoo and condition your hair at the similar time. Don’t employ the similar shampoo each time you bathe as this can direct to product build-up.

Not wetting your hair enough

When you are going to shampoo your hair then you require to be super-wet or else the product will not work accurately and dehydrate your hair. Stand below the shower for 2 to 3 minutes prior to use the shampoo.

Not shampooing the right part of your hair

Roots need shampooing than the ends. So it is important when you are going to take shower, ensure to focus much on shampooing your roots and conditioners are always used on the ends. Moreover, never begin shampooing in the similar part of your scalp each day because it will dehydrate that spot.

Washing too often

Avoid washing your hair daily because it can be a reason for dehydration on your scalp. It is good to use shampoo every other day. If your hairs are a gunky mess then tries to employ a few dry shampoos to extract all the dirt from the hair. It will help in providing some additional texture.

Rinsing your hair incorrectly

Don’t wash shampoo out of your hair very early because it will not allow your shampoo to work appropriately. Make some foam and depart it for a few minutes. If you like hot shower then try to wash your hairs with cold water because it will seal the hair cuticle, thus giving your hair a shiny and soft look and it will help in preventing hair loss.

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