Published On: Tue, Apr 12th, 2016

5 Simple ways for dark circles



Dark circles are really not liked by male and females both because they can damage the personality. If you are tired of rigid dark circles and want to get rid of them then keep away from chemically made serums and gels and use these interesting remedies, which you can make effortlessly at home. These can help in reducing dark circles naturally. Only take care and avoid to get them into the eyes when using.

Here they are:

Rose water –
dip two cotton balls into rose water and put them on the eyelids. Remain them there for 10 minutes and then take away them.

Cucumber –
It’s a recognized fact about cucumber that it has skin-lightening characteristics and works as a grand astringent. Get a fresh green cucumber then cut it into wide slices. Put them into the refrigerator. Later than half hour, remove them and keep them on closed eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Now clean your eyes with normal water.
Tomato –
Tomato is also known for a great skin lightening agent. Get a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice then combine it with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Softly use the combination across the eyes on the dark circles. Later than keep it there for almost 10 minutes, now clean with cold water.
Potato slices –
Peel off and then cut potato into slim slices. Right away put them on closed eyes for 15-20 minutes. Clean with normal water. You can also use Almond oil prior to going to bed each night, softly massage almond oil into the skin across your eyes.
Mint –
Squash six to seven fresh mint leaves and use them across your eyes. Put it there for almost 10 – 15 minutes and then clean with cold water.

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