Published On: Mon, Mar 21st, 2016

5 Surprising advertising tricks


Advertising is a trick which attracts you more to take the product immediately after watching it. The burger on the billboard looks so much more appetizing than the real one and the cereal never seems to turn soggy in a Kellogg’s ad, these all the tricks which advertisers use to tempt you.

Here is the list of these tricks.

  1. Glue


Cereal pretends to soak up actual milk, making it soggy and much tasteless, in a short time. So if you are thinking that they shoot an entire Kellogg’s ad in one take, prior to the cereal turns ugly, then you are wrong. Advertisers use tricks and use white glue as an alternative for milk. Sometimes yogurt and shampoo also used as a trick.

  1. Antacid


Coca-cola seems very attractive in ads during hot summer but it can disappoint you because the soda is lack of fizz and condensation in reality.

Advertisers put a pill of antacid (medication employed to avoid acidity), to make the soda additional fizzy. Sometimes dish soap is also employed for making bigger bubbles with deodorant spray on the glass or bottle to present the ‘frost.’

  1. Potatoes


During shooting an ad a lot of lights are use which can melt the ice cream scoops. It is not shocking that advertisers don’t employ actual scoops of ice cream and in its place they potatoes Scoops of mashed potatoes are dyed in different colors and used to perform the role of ice cream.

Potatoes are also employed for a lot of other products. They are baked into pies to give a powerful interior that won’t fall to pieces when a slice is removed.

  1. Motor oil and Fabric protector


Photographers cover pancakes with fabric mask so that the syrup doesn’t soak up into the flapjacks. Furthermore, as maple syrup is not many photogenic, advertisers now and then employ motor oil as an alternate.

  1. Shoe Polish


Generally, meat products are not cooked when shoot because cooking can be a reason for their contracting and drying out. So products such as steaks and hamburgers are cautiously seared with a blowtorch in its place.

Grill spots are put up to the meat with a branding iron and, for concluding, shoe polish is used to provide the buns a much delicious color.

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