Published On: Sat, Jan 16th, 2016

5 Tactics to quit smoking



Smoking is very dangerous for health. It can lead to diseases, for example, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and cardiovascular complications. Here are some tactics which you can use to reduce or shun smoking for your better health and restored longer and nicotine-free life.

Clock in workouts

When you carve cigarettes then lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement because exercise is more probable to reduce the urge to smoke. Research study recommends that exercise can divert you from considering regarding getting a puff, and breaking a sweat may boost your mood and persuade your feelings of self-control, lessening impulsiveness. Glen Morgan, who is a Behavioral Research Program director at the Tobacco Control Research Branch of the National Cancer Institute, US told that “If you sit in a chair and wait for the craving to go away, that’s going to make it much harder,” he suggested to take a short walk because it reduces anxiety and depression which compel people to smoke. He added that “Exercise may help reduce the craving because it helps reduce stress,”

Start sharing (your story)

When you share your struggle and anxiety it may cause for less smoking.  A research conducted by the University of Georgia, smokers who share their struggles via social media are more successful at quitting and staying clean than those who seek support offline. Flocking to Facebook can help you link up with like-minded others over a common goal and writing regarding giving up struggles could actually, stimulate you to keep trying.

Load up on fruits, veggies

University at Buffalo study in 2012 revealed that if you eat more fruits and vegetables then it can help to stop smoking and stay tobacco-free for much longer. The study ended that longing for cigarettes and foods are closely connected and puzzled with one another. Chock-full of fiber and necessary vitamins and minerals can prevent you from smoking.

Got milk?

If someone says that he/she don’t like milk, then it’s a shame because the calcium-packed moo-juice lends a funky taste to cigarettes, making them all the less desirable. A study from the Duke University revealed that smokers were not like to smoke aftertaste of milk in their mouth. Milk also gives you protein which makes your bones and joints strong.

Double up on serene music

Music can provide relaxation and the mind reacts to soft melodies. An extensive research study of long-time smokers at the University Of Wisconsin School Of Medicine and Public Health revealed that more than half of the participants (56%) quitted smoking later than eight group sessions teaching meditation with the help of unruffled music. The people who devote 45 minutes a day by listening to tranquil music or meditating achieve much than those who didn’t.


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