Published On: Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016

5 Top airports in the world



Not any airport is similar to the other one and it is very exciting to visit a new airport. Regular travelers can have a few ‘favorite’ airports and a few that they can’t stand. Governments are familiar with that people can just fly via their city/country and they desire to get this chance to make a notion—sometimes setting trillions of dollars into their airports and redesigning them from scrape. It turns a kind of a race, and we the travelers are the victors! With innovative contemporary airports coming up everywhere, we obtain to gaze at exclusive architecture, coddle in grand shopping and take pleasure in some free facilities.

Changi Airport in Singapore

This is the top on the list for the reason that no further airport arrives even near to competing it. Approximately 50 million people fly via this, within and outside of Changi Airport, every year. It is a vast amount; however it is included in the Asia’s major hubs. It is voted number 1 in each airport award system and for high-quality causes. Fascinatingly, it wasn’t only the ‘fun stuff’, but the flawless simplicity, from check-in to boarding, for which travelers voted them very good. Changi has hotels, health resorts, butterfly gardens, shops, children’s play sites, koi pond and a 130-foot waterfall (coming soon).

Incheon International Airport in Seoul
A ‘must mention’ because it is the largest duty free shopping destination in the world and made over 2 Billion in revenue last year alone. They offer performances, live music, luxury shopping, museums, restaurants, spas, gardens, and…an ice skating rink called the Ice Forest. Too cool! Based on the check-in process and actual flight details, it’s voted the second best airport in the world. It’s known particularly for its unique design and architecture with arc shapes to portray Korean homes.

Munich Airport in germany

Characterizes on this array for the reason that of beer! The airport brewery Airbrau is the major roofed-in beer garden in the entire Europe and we all are familiar with that restless travelers require a beer or two to tranquil those nerves prior to a flight. They in addition have an on-site brewery for the reason that their airport gravely appreciates a traveler’s requirement to booze pre-flight. There are sleeping husks, a tiny golf route and freights of local food at this eventful European airport.

Hong Kong International Airport

63 million populace arrive via this airport every year! Dissimilar Munich’s diminutive golf, Hong Kong brags a 9-hole golf course. You may witness IMAX films whereas you linger on for your flight and take pleasure in the upscale restaurants and most important luxury shopping preferences.

Wellington International Airport in New Zealand

We have approached this airport on the array for its ‘cool’ feature. How can you not favor an airport that has a huge Gollum from The Lord of the Rings lynching from the ceiling? Furthermore, their exit lounge is named ‘the Rock’ and is sci-fi thrilling.

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