Published On: Mon, Feb 8th, 2016

5 Ways to manage your time properly


Time is the most important element in life and all the people are equally blessed with it but the victors are those who manage it and spend it properly. Time is the most crucial thing in life because it does not wait for anyone.

Many people do not know where their time goes. They get up, get ready for work, go to work, come back from work, watch television in zombie mode, go to sleep and then repeat the same cycle five days a week, 52 weeks a year and, maybe, for decades of their life.

Here are some suggestions that how you can manage your time in a proper way.

Document your time

If you want to change your bad habits then give a full observation to it, you will definitely change it. Get up early in the morning and just take 5 minutes to write your today’s plans which you have to accomplish today in personal life and professional life, and when you are going to sleep at night then spend 5 minutes to write down again what has accomplished and what is missed. Repeat this act for hundred days you can alter any habit your want to alter. Sluggish people say to-do lists do not work, but do this for hundred days and see how much time you can generate for yourself and your loved ones. What gets measured gets monitored and what gets monitored gets accomplished.

Set goals

Goals are the ways which give you direction to live your life and achieve the task. Without goals, human beings are like animals that have no reason to live. Always set weekly, monthly and yearly work goals. What do you plan to achieve over the next one year at your workplace? Clearly set your goals what you want to achieve in your life.

Create a ritual

Everything you are in the habit of doing, you are also in the habit of not doing. What are your work rituals? Always believe in improving your work skills frequently and always try to look for better, faster and more effective ways to solve your work-related tasks or do you affect the similar elucidation to every difficulty.

Stop doing what does not fulfill you

All the success stories in this world fall into two categories — do what you love or love everything that you do. You can accomplish your goal if you believe in yourself. Do what you actually want to do, if you hate your work, every second will be like slow death. Learn from mistakes and make yourself skilled to be successful in your profession. Remember bosses respect and notice smart people.

Live in a state of flow

Avoid over thinking and take action. Do not try to know everything about the future. Make plans for the future but then come back in the present moment to start executing the plan. Over imagination can destroy you. Always handle your work problems with a smile and curiosity. Doing something is better than idleness and little thinking is better than over thinking. Thinking has a purpose but does not make it the only purpose of your life.

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