Published On: Tue, Dec 15th, 2015

5 ways to protect hair from winter



Hairs are very important part of your beauty, but winter can destroy it. Hair care is very important. Here are some remedies how you can overcome 5 common winter hair struggles.

1- Static

A dry wind can split your hairs. Electrons build up in the hair and resist each other, which is a source for locks to actually ‘fly away’ from one another.

The simplest techniques to combat with hair static are in fact a winter hair care staple: do not use much shampoo on your hair because scalp doesn’t make a lot of oil in the winter, so there is no need to apply shampoo as regularly as you apply in the moist summer. If you will not overcome your habit of using shampoo as you do in summer your hair will lose the natural oils which your scalp produces. Exchange your habitual shampoo for a moisturizing one for bonus hydration.

The natural remedy is that to employ wooden brushes with natural bristles. Means like plastic combs or brushes make a positive charge, and make your hair more static.

2- A snowy scalp

Dry winter makes your face and body patchy in a similar way your scalp suffers and makes white flakes that are similar to dandruff, but it’s not that. And the best way to fight with dry scalp is to take an olive oil massage. It is good that you warm the oil for a few seconds before applying for better absorption. Apply properly all over your head and then rape towel for 20 minutes before you wash it.

3- Dull hair

Using air-drying on hair in the winter is absurd and hot tools can damage more when your hair is moisture-starved. So, try to not use a hair dryer in winter but its compulsory then apply a heat-protecting product before using. It’s frivolous oils protect your hair from lofty temperatures and also give shine.

Some drops of shine serum can make your hairs glossier.

4- Flat hair

Winter can suck all the oil from your scalp, but the roots which are a few weeks old requires oil and receive enough hydration from your scalp’s oils, so use some conditioner to your hairs but just from your mid-shaft to your ends.

5- Split ends

Trimming is the only way to get rid of split ends, but there are ways to care for your hair tips between trips to the hair dress. Use conditioners and when you wash then try to not rinse all the conditioner. Let it be there which will give extra protection

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