Published On: Sat, May 21st, 2016

5 Ways to remain sweat free

happy young woman applying deodorant on underarm

happy young woman applying deodorant on the underarm

Sumer is here and the sun is blazing with its full strength. In this season sweating is a common thing which makes your clothes look ugly and sometimes the stains are difficult to remove. Sweat stains can be obnoxious and awkward, so try to use sweat pads or an antiperspirant to avoid it, recommends a specialist.

Gunjan Gaur, who is the make-up expert and Executive Director of ALPS Cosmetic Clinics, reveals about a few hacks to avert sweat patches on your clothes:

Protect with sweat pads:

You can maneuver obviously of awkward sweat stains by affixing a sweat pad to the part of the shirt under your arm on each side. The pad will take up the sweat and make your skin dehydrated.

Switch to an antiperspirant:

Deodorant does not do anything to prevent the enhancement of sweat marks on clothes. Use antiperspirants in its place as these will stay on for a long time to keeping you dehydrated in that area.

Go for talcum powder:

It will soak up the sweat in a good way prior to it drenches your clothes. Moreover, it works as an astringent, meaning that it can be a reason to hamper the pores which can assist with sweating. Endeavor to clean your armpit with extreme care habitually all through bathing in the morning.

Shave your armpits regularly:

It will keep the sweat from gathering in your armpits by sweeping away all the bacteria. If you clean that part frequently, it also assists in averting unlikable odor and certainly, guards from sweat stains.

Clean it with wipes:

Go with wet or dry wipes both works well to control the sweat. They are simple to take in the bag and whensoever you take the time to go to the washroom in a minute wipe off your underarms at usual intervals. It remains you clean and you will certainly be capable of respiring easier when you are sweat-free.

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