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5 ways to select a good concealer




Makeup has become an important part of life, especially for women. Almost every woman knows how to make over on their face. Some know much about it and some have little knowledge about the advanced applications. Concealer plays very important role in makeup.

Applying concealer required practice but don’t be feel creepy and frightening if you don’t be acquainted with much about them or are new to makeup. Mostly women scary about ask questions that should I select for a cream or liquid-based one? Which tone should I purchase? Do I submit an application of it over or under foundation? Should I apply with fingers or brush? How is concealer different from a corrector?

Don’t be a worry, have patience clutch a cup of tea, and get knowledge about concealers.

Usually, the use of concealers is to cover several limitations on your skin, and also to lighten your skin tone. Here are four things that can be used when buying and applying a concealer:

Your skin type

The face which has oily skin and large pores that should avoid creamy quality concealers as have a tendency which can make skin glossier and can also bung up pores. You should try to use something that be predisposed to set as not glossy matte, such as the MAC Select Cover Up, or Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. As these are too heavy and cakey.
If you have dry skin, choose the opposite which is additional liquid and creamy, like Clarins Instant Concealer.
If you have normal or combination skin then you should go to Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. It has very light texture, but it gives pretty decent exposure with a bit of a glow.

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Your skin concern

First of all, it is suggested that there is no any need of concealer if you have a good foundation. That can give a good texture and also cover any problem if you have on your skin. Nonetheless, you have spots and pimples on your face which you want to cover then you should pick a heavy coverage concealer. Then NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer does a great job at this. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is also a trendy favorite. However, these concealers are quite thick, and I find them too heavy for the under-eye area, and they crease and make your lines look more visible.

If you have dark circles and you want to lighten the under-eye area then it is suggested to use a corrector, like Bobbi Brown cream or liquid or Tarte Colored Clay first. If you have applied this then use a lightening liquid concealer like Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher. Don’t use these around the eyes otherwise they will end up looking puffy.

The kinds of foundation you are wearing
Always keep in mind that if you are exhausting a powder foundation, use your creamy concealer first your foundation, to avoid streaky lines. If the foundation has the liquid, cream, gel texture then you may apply the concealer beneath or above the foundation.  if you follow an instruction then it would be that apply the concealer to specific areas, and avoid applying for it too heavily to the same areas that have foundation bottom, for the reason that this will include consistency to the skin and make it look very heavy and made-up.

Your budget
 All depends upon the budget you have in your purse and which quality you place on a concealer, you may buy high-quality products from Chanel, Dior, Cle de Peau, and so on.


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